Saturday, February 22, 2014

Going out for mini lolita meetup!

A lolita name Alyssa bought me 2 cute necklaces. She said if she can do a local meetup to pick up the necklaces. I told her i will dress cute. She said she was gonna wear lolita so i said, yes let's wear lolita. 

I wanted to wear sugary carnival. So here's its my coord.

Jsk - AP sugary carnival
Tights - ebay
Shoes - bodyline
Blouse - AP
Jewelry - cute can kill, AP, lemontre11 and
Hat - ebay
Wig - ebay

Anyway, i met her near walmart at long beach downtown.

 I know everyone was staring. But, I'm just to it. Anyway, I saw Alyssa and she was wearing Vanilla Chan OP she look so cute. We walk a little and decided to go eat at Panda Express.

Yum! I haven't ate there in ages. I just had rice and orange chicken.

So, good!!! (>人<;)

Yes, i had to have chilli sauce and soy sauce. :3 but, i had a little accident with the soy sauce. But, i mange to get it off my dress. Alyssa was so nice to give a pencil tied stain remover. But, it was okay.

I've took a picture of Alyssa. She looks so cute.

We finish eating and we went to Ross. We saw a mirror to take a picture of our outfits.

:3 we look so pastel. I really love Alyssa's boots. 

Overall, i had a great time. Alyssa took me home and now i'm so tired. I'm happy Alyssa love herbdtuff i made her.
I had a great time with her.

Therefore, until next time. (^∇^)

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  1. hi! I love your blog! you're both cute! *^* that food looks so yummy! I love orange chicken! if you don't mind check my blog!