Saturday, April 5, 2014

Closet clean up!!!!!

This week had been really crazy for me. I never though i would sell so many dresses in a week. But, now i feel i new to try something new. I have been selling dresses that i don't want anymore. I just to love OTT sweet a lot. But, now i want prints that have flowers on them. I'm so happy to say i got the dresses i wanted it. 

I manage to buy one of my dream dresses. I've always wanted it as a dress version in ivory. I just to own it in pink as a skirt. This is the dress i got.

I finally got twinkle carnival. ;0; i'm so happy to get this dress finally. And i got it new. And the previous owner only wore it once. I really want to thank her for holding it for while i made some money on lacemarket. She was very kind and understanding. I sold most of my luckypack dresses and finally sold the skirt version of this print. Omg! Its so perfect. 

I've told my mom that i bought it and told her the price. She nearly had a heart attack. But, she look at it she said this dress looks so princess like. ;3; i was like yes! I want to look like a princess. I also, got more dresses. I'm starting to fall in love with flora prints atm. So here are my other 3 dresses I'm getting soon.

Omg!! They are all from BTSSB i got them all for a good price. ;3; and plus they all have roses on them. One of them its very special. Cause' its a dress my little sister has. So we want to twin. I can't wait to try them on. 

Therefore, i'll keep posting more often. Until, next time.

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