Thursday, May 22, 2014

Alyssa's birthday at round 1

Sorry forgot posting this sooner. But, last saturday i had a lot of fun with my lolita friends. It was Alyssa's birthday and she wanted to celebrate her birthday at Round 1. 

Alyssa pick me up and we first went to pick up Penny. 

Here's a picture of alyssa. We were waiting for dina to come by.

So, dina came and we all were on the way to Round 1.

I wore this cute outfit for alyssa's mini birthday meetup.

My little sister model the royal bird 2-way i gave her. But, she left early. :(

Anyway, desi and linda left early too. So, it was me, alyssa, penny, dina, and reba. We hung out and we all took pictures together.

Look at us!! Looking all cute. We did play a lot at round 1.

Reba got my son this cute skelanimals monkey figure. 

And also, she got me this cute hellokitty round 1 plushie.

Anyway, we all went to eat in this resturant.

I got mango smoothie.

And pork katsu. Yummy!'

Here's a cute picture of dina and penny.

Dina enjoying her ramen soup. It was really cool how they display there food.

It was really late and alyssa took me home. ;3; so i end up sleeping at my mom's house. Which was really nice. Therefore, until next time.

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  1. Looks like a great time was enjoyed by all, and of course you all look fantastic - especially the birthday girl ~♡