Sunday, May 4, 2014

April Showers Bring May Flowers event at Fairytale Boutique

OMG! yesterday was very nice day for me. I waited for this day forever. I'm glad I got most of my outfit done.

I manage to put my outfit together for the contest. I just wanted it to enter for fun. Anyway, I said goodbye to my hubby and took the train to LA. I got there 2:00 or so. Gave some gifties to  my bowfriends. My chibi sister didn't came at all. She text me saying her puppy wasn't feeling well. I felt bad for her. ;-; i missed her so.

I saw my little lolita sister desi. We took pictures together before the event started it. We waited and we went to see RinRin live chat. We ask her questions and all of sudden RinRin comes out of back room. O__O it was shocked for all lolitas. I was so happy to see her again. Then, reba, vanessa, desi and me went to buy mooks for her to sign.
We all took a picture of our outfits before we went.
I was so happy to get my mook sign by rinrin. And of course I bought postcards from her.
I gave her a fawn ring. She love it. It was nice of her to remember me. She said she was sorry she didn't took pictures of the previous gift I gave her. I told her not to worry. It was okay. I understand she is busy with her modeling career.

Anyway, I took pictures of my coordinate. I really love this outfit I came up with.
I wanted the yellow colors to come out with this coord. Cause' powder rose has yellow flowers on the print.
Rundown of my outfit:

JSK - powder rose jsk AP
tights - ebay
shoes - bodyline
accessories - Olivia Rivera (lemontree11) KawaiiGoods.Com, and AP
peignoir - ebay
blouse - forever 21
(photo by: zekie)

Anyway, we all went to eat at the korean bbq place. I had such a good times with my bowfriends. When we finish eating we decided to go back to fairytale boutique. It was time for the coordinate contest. Reba said to get in the contest. So I did. I was really nervous cause' I saw very adorable outfits who enter. All who participated need it to explain of their outfits. I was really nervous to talk in front of everyone. 
When the staff of fairytale boutique and RinRin went to the back room to decided who's oufit should win. I was like I know who is gonna win. there was a girl who wore all fawn outfit. she look so adorable.
The staff of fairytale boutique came out and mention the runner ups. 
(photo by: zekie)

she won third place. I love how she coordinated a bodyline outfit with her cute deer antler headbow.
(photo by: zekie)

awwe sienna pinku won 2nd place. OMG! she always looks so cute. I notice she loves pink a lot. she is such a cutie pie.
(photo by: zekie)

and guess what who won first place. MOI!!!! O_O RinRin love my outfit. I felt so happy. Miki said to me that RinRin love my outfit from the start. ;o; I feel so honor to be acknowledge by an AP model. All lolitas said to me congrats. And miki announce that I was pregnant. I felt in the spot. but, I felt happy that all lolitas were happy for me.
(photo by: zekie)

After that we all did a hair smile. HECK YES!! we have to represent!!
anyway, i had a great time yesterday. I got home really late cause' I was hanging out with Alyssa and Sebian. They were both so fun to talk to. Therefore, until next time!!

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