Monday, May 26, 2014

My birthday mini meetup!

Yesterday I invited most of bowfriends to my mini meetup. I was very excited it to hang out with them. I dress up say goodbye to my hubby. Left him some breakfast and  took the train to LA. I sometimes love taking the train and relax while i reached to 7th street. The shoes i was wearing made my feet hurt.

My hubby got me these for my birthday. ;3; but, they hurt to walk. I saw desi waiting for me. And gave her a hug. Took a picture of her.
She was wearing powder rose from ap. Then later sara came and she look so cute.
She always look so amazing. I love that doughnut print she has.

Then later kitty and amanda came.
Very adorable girls. I really love their outfits. We waited for reba and vanessa.
Reba was wearing sweetie chandelier. Omg! Very cute print in person. And she looks amazing with her coords!! Then reba gave me a hug. And straight out gave me my gift. 
It was toy fantasy parasol. OMG!! I was so happy. ;3; she is very sweet.

Vanessa look so cute with her baby dress. ;3; i love her purse. She gave me a hug snd gave me a gift. Omg! I felt spoil. We all waited for miki to open the shop. It was good to see her back from japan.
I decided to take a selfie of my outfit. I really love my outfit  i put it together.

Jsk - blooming garden btssb
Bag - Dream V
Tights - ebay
Shoes - ebay
Accesories - AP, BTSSB,, chocomint
Hat - Dream V
Blouse - Forever 21

Anyway, we all got hungry and kitty suggested to go to a resturant on another mall. But it was closed. So we decided to eat at zencu. From there we saw linda. So we ask her to join us. I know desi suggested to eat there in the first place. But, i couldn't decide.

We sat down and i open gifts. 
Desi gave me all of this cute stuff. I love everything.
Vanessa gave me my little twin star sticker book. Linda gave me a cute birthday card. I really love my gift. ;3; thank u gurls!

We all ate our food. And we say goodbye to kitty and amanda. I told her thank u for coming. Those girls are so sweet. I hope to see them again.

We all decide to walk around and look at cute shops.
We all love to shop at sanrio.
Vanessa looking all cute. We love sanrio!!

We all wanted it macarons. I bought some to eat later. Reba bought all chocolate macarons. And desi and her mom bought some too. Desi told us they need it to go home. So we said goodbye to desi and i told her thank u for coming and the cute gifts.

 I decided to call my hubby to pick me up. But, he told me to hang out more with my friends. I told them u want to go and sit down and talk. So they suggested  to go to a boba place. I was like i'm down for that.
I got this mango boba drink and reba gave us some macarons. 
It was really good. 
Heres reba been all cute.
Heres linda been all cute too! I have cute friends!! ;3;

I'm very glad i got to know vanessa and linda more. They are very sweet girls. I feel very happy to make new friends. I feel very lucky.
Awwe reba is the best!! I'm so glad i got to know her even more. I think reba is the only lolita that had been so nice to me. I feel lucky to be her sister. We have so much in common.

Therefore, it was getting late and call my hubby to pick me up. It was sad to say goodbye to all of them. I really had a good time with them. OMG! It was awesome!!

Until next time!

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