Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cutie Henshi Bath Bomb

I'm gonna review my very first bath product. Handmade by Cutie Henshi.

First of all i love the packaging. She gave me this 2 weeks ago and everytime i pass to grab something i love the lemon and lavender scent. I had it on my work area cause' i love how it smell. So today i wanted to use it cause' i wanted it to relax. One thing about bath bombs you only use it once. 

The bath bomb looks so cute. I love the heart shape and the color. It has dried lavender flowers and glitter. And it smell amazing. 

Here's preview of the lavender love:

Overall i love how it fizz in the water. Very relaxing. That it leaves glitter and lavender color in  your bath water. 

The color its so pretty. ;_; did i mention lavender its my all time favorite color.

Omg! I felt so relax and i love the smell. And i notice my skin had glitter. I felt so sparkle and refresh.  I truly recommend this shop.

If you want to orde one go to her fanpage:

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