Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Japanese nail art, Aya's kawaii mono ya san review

I receive a cute package from a nail shop. She is a talented artist from japan.
all of the nails came in cute boxes.
When I open this one. I was so happy with joy. She made my
alapacone character in to nail.

I also got the hello kitty nail art.

and also a cute biscuit one.

 She also put cute japanese candies in my package. I love eating them all
She also added this adhesive sticker to put on your nails.

Overall i love how high quality her nails are. I didn't try them on cause' i want to find a good time to wear them.

Also go to her shop:
I made 10% off coupon code, KAWAIIGOODS minimum purchase $20

Thank you so much for reading my entry.

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