Sunday, June 3, 2018

Tumblr Drama

I  hesitate to make this blog post. When I saw what's happening on tumblr.  Of what I’m been accused off, it’s so unfair.  I rant a lot on my“friends only” facebook page. Whoever image capture the status. Exposed my identity, should really need to unfriend me from facebook.

 There’s a post on tumblr that had been getting a lot of  reblogs. And now everyone thinks I steal art. 
  I want to show my proof of what really happened instead people believing the OP on tumblr.  One of my friends send me a link that had been posted it on tumblr. I thought all of this drama was over a year ago. It got me upset what they are saying about me. I DON’T TRACE OTHER PEOPLE’S ART. I draw my own art. 

The post on tumblr tells lies about me.  I have been getting hate left and right. Shops block me from tumblr. Without knowing of what really happend.  The post show my real name. I feel, it just invades my personal privacy. Out of fear of my privacy. I had to change my facebook name. So they can’t find me. I really regret on posting. 
It first started it when this girl first message me on tumblr. I didn’t know who she was. I never heard of her shop before. You can see on the images what happen. She message me to change the color scheme of my art. I did end  up changing the whole design all together.  I show her the changes and she said it was cute. I said I was gonna make it as a pin. And she said that was okay. 

A month later she messages me on instagram. I was very confused of why she was upset with something we agree on.  

The bad part I invested so much money on my pins. And I felt it was pointless to sell them and just gave them away. One friend pm me on facebook she made slander post on a facebook group page. My friend said its best to show your screencaps. Because it seems that she is lying in her post. When I posted it my screepcaps.  All of my friends were saying it was not fair.   I never posted my screencaps in “public” it was only friends only.  It was my mistake for me  to say  she was gonna sue me. She wasn't gonna sue me. But, I didn’t read the messages correctly, I freak out when she said she was gonna contact her lawyer.

My friend pm me on facebook saying she had done this before to other shops. She has a history of blaming other indie shops of the same thing. She seems wanting to push out smaller menhera/yami kawaii online business out of the competition. 

I wish  she would just settle this in private instead going behind my back to call me out on social media. I didn't show the screen caps of the comment section of the public post group on facebook. It was so triggering to read.  Why do I have to be the one that I did wrong? She called me out first. So, I posted it my receipts to defend myself. Please don’t go and message her. This is my respond of what I’m been accused of. She also got other shops to hate on me and I feel that’s a really mess up thing to do. During the time I posted it my proof on my personal facebook.

 I got a message from another indie shop and told  me that she got hate and harassment from my fans. All of the messages were from my friends not fans. I never went public with my post it was “friends only” just because I have 3k friends doesn’t mean a lot of my friends saw the post. Only close friends saw it. She said she got a lot of hate that she had to delete her facebook. I said to her, I feel so bad for her. I will delete my post and tell my friends not to message her anymore. I said to her i want this drama to stop.

Here is evidence I never posted my status in public. The people that message her were only friends.

I'm very upset she got another shop involve with this. I never told my friends to go after her. They were doing it to defend me.  Why she got another shop involve on a drama she started. All this over pin. I send her a message  I posted my  statement. She said it was okay. I wanted it to tell her what really happen. I show her my screen caps. And she didn't care about the screen caps. She said of what I did was wrong. Maybe, she was right but, I wanted it to clear my name. I try to explain what was happening. When I was about to message her she blocks me from instagram. I’m not gonna say who she was cause’ I respect her as an artist.

This whole thing got out of control. My friend pm and said  I got posted it on 4chan. I was so shock how fast they were to throw me under the bus. I felt so defeated and I from all that drama that she made. She made me look bad. She even got another bigger shop to hate me.
If she didn’t want it competition she should of just said not make them. And I would just move on and design something else. She made it a big deal. I felt that my feelings were invalid. Like I had no voice to back it up. And I felt I got defeated by all the hate. If someone would do this to you. I’m sure you would show them what really happened. 

Right now there is post circulating on tumblr.  And all major tumblr blogs block me and I can’t defend myself or message them of what really happened. 

If I get back lash for this post I know I did the right thing to protect my reputation and my family. I’ll do what it takes to clear my reputation. I need to get this off my chest and be over with. It’s so mess up people would find this drama on tumblr too be more important, then what’s really happening in the world today. 

I did block her from all my social media. I got upset of what she did. If she would of first message me on tumblr and ask me not to make them. I would not make them. I feel she needs to learn  of  how to deal with competition. If you can’t deal with competition. Why do you have a shop anyway??? And its not fair for other indie shops to feel afraid to make their own things. If an artist wants to make a bandage or syringe art. Let them do it.  But, like I said I’m not afraid of her anymore. If you are an indie shop and this  ever happened to you. I know  you would show everyone what really happend.

 But, please don’t go message her and spread hate. I want this to be over.
Thank you.

Tumblr Drama

I  hesitate to make this blog post. When I saw what's happening on tumblr.  Of what I’m been accused off, it’s so unfair.  I rant a lo...