Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cute sweaters haul!!!

I know i haven't been updating for so long. I kinda need it to retrived my password to login to this account. I'm actually blogging from my phone. :3 so now i can blog when ever i'm out. Anyway, lets start with the cute sweaters i've got.
This one its a replica from killstar. :( i know its a replica but, when i got it i didn't know it was. Until i research it. I really love it cause' it has a unicorn and it says "go to hell" cute and creppy at the same time. :3

Second sweater its a cute space cat i got from: hot topic. I really love it cause my hubby bought for me. :3 I was surprised that hot topic carried space theme and cats sweaters. I guess they carried what's popular now. But, I really need it to have it cause' I always wanted cats sweaters. ;o;

Anyway, i'm trying to collect cute sweaters for the winter. And both of these are so warm. 

The unicorn cult sweater i got it from So far I don't have any problem with there customer service. The sweater cost me 20 dollars. Compare to the real brand it's 60 plus shipping. When I found out I was really upset. I know carries a lot of replicas and I didn't know the unicorn sweater was one of them. Until someone in instagram point it out for me. I can't return it but, I will enjoy it... If you want the real item go to:

You can get the real brand version. 

 Anyway, i will post more of my current buys. Stay tune for that! :3