Saturday, February 22, 2014

Going out for mini lolita meetup!

A lolita name Alyssa bought me 2 cute necklaces. She said if she can do a local meetup to pick up the necklaces. I told her i will dress cute. She said she was gonna wear lolita so i said, yes let's wear lolita. 

I wanted to wear sugary carnival. So here's its my coord.

Jsk - AP sugary carnival
Tights - ebay
Shoes - bodyline
Blouse - AP
Jewelry - cute can kill, AP, lemontre11 and
Hat - ebay
Wig - ebay

Anyway, i met her near walmart at long beach downtown.

 I know everyone was staring. But, I'm just to it. Anyway, I saw Alyssa and she was wearing Vanilla Chan OP she look so cute. We walk a little and decided to go eat at Panda Express.

Yum! I haven't ate there in ages. I just had rice and orange chicken.

So, good!!! (>人<;)

Yes, i had to have chilli sauce and soy sauce. :3 but, i had a little accident with the soy sauce. But, i mange to get it off my dress. Alyssa was so nice to give a pencil tied stain remover. But, it was okay.

I've took a picture of Alyssa. She looks so cute.

We finish eating and we went to Ross. We saw a mirror to take a picture of our outfits.

:3 we look so pastel. I really love Alyssa's boots. 

Overall, i had a great time. Alyssa took me home and now i'm so tired. I'm happy Alyssa love herbdtuff i made her.
I had a great time with her.

Therefore, until next time. (^∇^)

Monday, February 17, 2014

HECK YEAH!!! got to see kyary ;3

Yesterday, was the most fun and very cute experience I ever had, first I woke up and got ready to have breakfast with my family. Me and my husband invited my parents to go eat with us.

I decided to wear something simple and cute. I don't usually go over the top. ;3 But, love to look cute in any way. Anyway, we went to eat at Beach Cafe.
As you can tell, it was a lot of food for me. ;c So i gave it to my mom to make it as a left over. I got the San Francisco Omelet. We all finish and went home.  My husband and my son went to visit his grandma and i started to get ready for the Kyary concert. OMG! i was like WTH! am I gonna wear? So I though maybe I should wear Deco Lolita. So this is the oufit I decided to wear.

I decided to wear a cute wig I got from Gothic Wigs of lolita. I really love their wigs. But, this wig I got it for a good price. ;3 As you can see i got a new phone.

Anyway, it was time to go and hop on the train. I left really early cause' I wanted it to meet my friends. I was gonna meet Reba and Vincent at Fairytale Boutique.
When I was waiting for them. I decided to buy the Creamy Mami Mook. I've always wanted this book. And I'm so glad I obtain it cause' I started to fall in love with Vintage anime. ;3 As you can see I got the book. I love the cute purse that comes with it. I can't wait to use it.
Also took a cute selfie picture at miki's shop. ;3 This is the full outfit.
JSK- AP Decoration Dream in Yellow
Blouse - For Ever 21
Tights - KawaiiGoods.Com
Shoes - Max Star
Demin Jacket - offbrand modified
Wig - Gothi Wigs of Lolita
Bag - AP lucky pack
Accessories - KawaiiGoods, Mugi Bunny, LemonTree11 Oli, Chocomint, Kreepsville 666

So this is my coord. ;3

Then, later vincent and reba came by. I was so happy to see them. ;3 We decided it to go eat at the Curry House. I really love it there, the food it's so good and they give you a lot. I usually don't finish it. 
Oh god the curry it's so good. ;3 I really want my hubby to go there with me on dates. I mean he would love it. The cute part is Vincent order a salad he ask me and reba to share with him with some of our food. Cause' we couldn't finish it all. They give you too much food. 

Anyway,  I said to vincent. Help yourself. ;3 
 I'm glad no food got wasted. I hate wasting good food.
And here is Vincent and Reba... ;3 those two are so adorable. I couldn't help to take a picture of both of them. >__< i mean look at them aren't they the cutest couple??

We all finish and we decided it to go back to Fairytale Boutique. We gave Miki's some food to her and of course the new shop girl Emily. ;3 So, from there we decided to go to the Concert. 
picture from: Lor Baines

Me, Vincent and Reba were standing in line for 2 hours or so... It did took that long time to get in. >__< 
The line started to moved so they check our purses and everything. And we got in to see kyary. We waited like about 1 hour or so. It did felt like it took a long time. But, all that waiting it was worth it.
OMG! it was really nice too see her live again. She has so much energy and her dancers are too adorable. We ran in to cute lolitas name Linda and Victoria.
They are so cute and very nice too. I love to meet new lolitas and make friends with. 
It was so much fun. That I ended up in  hooters lolz. I told my hubby that I was gonna wait for him there. I really would love to eat there with my lolita friends. :D and take pictures with the hooters girls. They were so nice to me. They said I look so cute. I just order some water. I know it was free cause' they didn't brought me a check. Anyway, my hubby call me and I got in the car. I was so tired, removing all the kawaiiness out of me took a while... I usually do it all sloppy. LOL! 

I'm so tired now. Sorry, if I didn't took any more pictures. My camera ran out of batteries. 

Anyway, until next time.