Saturday, March 22, 2014

Royal Creatures Series Sneak Peek!

I have been thinking of what to make with these  cute animals I got and I came up with this. Make them so cute and royal looking.

I want to make more to sell on my shop. I'm planning to make cute birds, bunnies and cats. Will see how it goes for sales. I'm still working on them. I can't wait to get started with this new project.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lolita outing!!! ;3

It's so crazy that I'm doing a lot of mini meet ups with cute lolitas lately now that I'm preggers. lolz but, atm I feel more relax and happier I guess cause' I'm going to have a baby girl. And I feel I have something to look out for. Anyway, i woke up really early to get ready and put my outfit together. This is what I wore:
beret - ebay
cardigan - bought it from a seller
jsk - innocent world
rilakkuma doll - ebay
tights - forever 21
shoes - dreamV
accessories - kawaiigoods, a gift from my friend, btssb
bag - angelic pretty

I really love this dress it's so classic sweet and i love the color cause' I was matching with my friend steffani. ;3;

Anyway, I got ready and I was waiting for alyssa we were gonna carpool together. So, we were on the way. Lucky I charge my phone to guide her of where the shop is.

vincent and reba met us at fairytale boutique. Here's a cute picture of Reba and Alyssa. ;3; aren't adorbs.
We waited for Steffani to come but, she got delay from the traffic. Vincent suggested we should eat at a ramen place it's called: shin-sen-gumi  he said the food it's really good. So we said okay. Let's go.
here is them... omg! those two look so perfect together.
omg!! too cute. ;3;

It's very fun to walk in little tokyo I'm actually glad I know how to get there on my own though. Luckly I wore comfortable shoes. Oh my I would of been dead when we got there. Anyway, we got there and they greet us in japanese. That's very nice of them to do. Vincent and Reba went to get my friend Steffani.

 I got my order. And I got a pork ramen.
I added lots of ingredients there. It was a lot of food for such a good price. But, I notice if you order too many side orders it does add up.

We all finish and we decided to go back to Fairytale Boutique. I drop off some things for miki and we sat there and talk for a little bit.
We decided to take a picture together. Look at us we look so damn kawaii as fuck!!

Vincent wasn't with us he had to work. We drop him off and decided to walk around little tokyo. We also got miki some lunch. She was really hungry I really don't blame her.
anyway, i got home about 10:20 p.m. I was so tired. My friend Reba and Steffani gave me cute gifties.
I love them all... I'm so lucky to have friends such of them. OMG! look at the bracelets and the cute baby bibs.. ;o; too cute indeed. Anyway, this is my kawaii lolita adventure. I hope you like it. Sorry about the pictures. I forgot to bring my camera. Next time I will take better clear pictures. Until next time....