Sunday, April 13, 2014

2nd annual fashion walk

Yes!! Manage to get a ride from the two amazing Neon and Glitz. I was getting ready early cause' I kept ruining my makeup. And putting circle lenses takes time.  The cool part is, they live so close to me.

This is my outfit i came up with. I was inspired with the movie Marie Antonniette style. The dress its very beautiful in person. I went out of my comfort zone and decided to get a BTSSB dress. I've notice that i'm starting to fall in love with floral prints. The weather was not too hot. Lucky, my outfit kept me cool.

Here are the cuties who i hang out with.
Omg!! Love there outfits. They are so creative. ;3;
Here i am with my two little sisters. I had search them to give them gifts. 
I also ran in to stephany i love this girl. Very talented and she sings like an angel. She look so cute as always.

Then we decided to go eat at the curry house.
Oh my!! I was craving this for a long tine. Its very delicious. After we ate we went back to fairytale boutique.

I need it to take a selfie on fairytale boutique.

Jsk- icing dancing cake btssb
Shoes- bodyline
Tights- ebay
Accessories-, chocomint, ap, btssb, offbrand.
Blouse- ap

I manage to take a cute picture with my friend jordan. I love how he look.

After that it was getting pretty late so we had to go home. I also got cute gifts from all of my bowfriends.
This a gift from: neon and glitz
A cute gift from my sister desiree. :)
A gift from steffani. ;3; my baby sister really knows what i love.
And a cute gift from vanda. She spoil me with cute stuff.
More from vanda. Little twin stars. Oh my..,
A cute gift from glitz. ;3;
Awwe reba gave me this for my babyshower.
And this cute lolita statue. I forgot the name of this cutie. 
I put the cute plush doll on my tokidoki moo mafia plush collection.
I commission oli to make me these cuties. I just love them too much.

Overall i had a great time. And hopefully i can do it again.

watch the mini video. ;3;

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Closet clean up!!!!!

This week had been really crazy for me. I never though i would sell so many dresses in a week. But, now i feel i new to try something new. I have been selling dresses that i don't want anymore. I just to love OTT sweet a lot. But, now i want prints that have flowers on them. I'm so happy to say i got the dresses i wanted it. 

I manage to buy one of my dream dresses. I've always wanted it as a dress version in ivory. I just to own it in pink as a skirt. This is the dress i got.

I finally got twinkle carnival. ;0; i'm so happy to get this dress finally. And i got it new. And the previous owner only wore it once. I really want to thank her for holding it for while i made some money on lacemarket. She was very kind and understanding. I sold most of my luckypack dresses and finally sold the skirt version of this print. Omg! Its so perfect. 

I've told my mom that i bought it and told her the price. She nearly had a heart attack. But, she look at it she said this dress looks so princess like. ;3; i was like yes! I want to look like a princess. I also, got more dresses. I'm starting to fall in love with flora prints atm. So here are my other 3 dresses I'm getting soon.

Omg!! They are all from BTSSB i got them all for a good price. ;3; and plus they all have roses on them. One of them its very special. Cause' its a dress my little sister has. So we want to twin. I can't wait to try them on. 

Therefore, i'll keep posting more often. Until, next time.