Saturday, June 28, 2014

New dresses from kawaiigoods!!

Hi everyone!!! I'm so glad i get to blog today. Also, my shop now its providing dresses. Here is some of the dress sample.

This is creepy cute dress i designed. I'm like totally excited it how awesome the print came out. If you want to pre-order go to:

Thursday, June 19, 2014

My lolita babyshower!!

Omg!!! I can't believe i actually did it. I have been planning this 3 months ago . I just couldn't believe i have such wonderful friends to help me out on this. I was really nervous yet excited of how everything would look. Last friday i turn 30 weeks pregnant.
I think i look a little bigger. My doctor said she is gonna be a big girl. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Me and my hubby are happy about that.
Anyway it was saturday and i was expecting my lolita sister steffani to come. I was so happy to see her. You have no idea how far she lives from me. It was really nice to have her close to me.

She took me to target cause' it turns out the babyshower landed in father's day. I was sad about that. Cause' it was my hubby's special day. But, i manage to get him something special for him.

My lolita sister steffani stay over night with my mom's. We were so tired for cooking and setting up the living room. So next day we prep some more.

It was sunday and my sister steffani help me prep the food. She is really nice to help me out.

We made croissant sandwhiches, flan, chicken salad, strawberry pudding, cucumber water, and more!!
Thank god! I finish the goodie bags on time.
Also the prizes!! Omg! Those were fun to make.
My lolita friends came. Lucky the set up look so cute and perfect. Steffani did a wonderful job of helping me set up. She is a pro at this.
Here's a picture of me and steffani. Omg! She really did went out of her way to help me out. But, she wasn't feeling good. So she went home early. (T ^ T)
My lolita sister reba went home early. :( but, it was best for her to rest up.
Vanessa had to go home too. ;-;
My friend jennifer had to leave also. :( 

But, it was nice of them to come by.

After my cute friends left. We played lots of games such as guess my baby bump, don't say baby, baby bingo and also coordinate contest. I really had fun on all of them.

Here are the pictures of my lolita friends. There outfits were amazing.
My friend desi had to leave too...

So now it was the 4 of us. We had to say goodbye. That's the saddess part for me.
But, overall i had a good time.

And here is the presents of all my lolita friends gave to my daughter. ;3; 

Thank u for coming and i love u guys!!