Saturday, December 27, 2014

Review - Princess Dreaming

One of my good friends ask me to review her items. She owns a shop call "princess dreaming." She sells lolita accessories. 

She is super talented and i'm so honor she ask me to do it for her.

First item is this cute bunny hairclip. When i saw it i squel like a little kid. This is too cute and it will be perfect for my OTT lolita coords.
As you can see the bunny its so furry and life like. She added  cotton lace and cute flowers, a cute red polkadot bow. I love the cute little details of this clip.
Underneath the clip has two clips to hold your hair. And also she added her logo tag underneath her clip. I love how well made her stuff is.
As you can see the bunny its really huge. I'm excited to use it for me OTT classic sweet lolita coords. 

I keep this clip next to my computer area. I just love it too much.

Next item she gave me  is this cute bow rose 2-way clip. Its a clip and a brooch in one.
I love how she pays attention to details and she basically blow me away with this bow. Cause' i wore it for a coord when i got to hang out with my lolita friends during christmas.

It looks so cute with the flower headband she gave me. Which is the next item i fell in love with too.

This headband its so amazing. I'm a sucker for roses especially when i wear lolita. I love to add roses on my coords.
The roses is made out of paper material and i notice she added glitter. I just love it!!

Basically i wore this headband with my christmas coord.

Here's an outfit of my coord i wore with her accessories. I just love how everything came together.

All her stuff its worth buying. Especially if you dress in lolita fashion.

Please visit her.