Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Japanese nail art, Aya's kawaii mono ya san review

I receive a cute package from a nail shop. She is a talented artist from japan.
all of the nails came in cute boxes.
When I open this one. I was so happy with joy. She made my
alapacone character in to nail.

I also got the hello kitty nail art.

and also a cute biscuit one.

 She also put cute japanese candies in my package. I love eating them all
She also added this adhesive sticker to put on your nails.

Overall i love how high quality her nails are. I didn't try them on cause' i want to find a good time to wear them.

Also go to her shop:
I made 10% off coupon code, KAWAIIGOODS minimum purchase $20

Thank you so much for reading my entry.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cutie Henshi Bath Bomb

I'm gonna review my very first bath product. Handmade by Cutie Henshi.

First of all i love the packaging. She gave me this 2 weeks ago and everytime i pass to grab something i love the lemon and lavender scent. I had it on my work area cause' i love how it smell. So today i wanted to use it cause' i wanted it to relax. One thing about bath bombs you only use it once. 

The bath bomb looks so cute. I love the heart shape and the color. It has dried lavender flowers and glitter. And it smell amazing. 

Here's preview of the lavender love:

Overall i love how it fizz in the water. Very relaxing. That it leaves glitter and lavender color in  your bath water. 

The color its so pretty. ;_; did i mention lavender its my all time favorite color.

Omg! I felt so relax and i love the smell. And i notice my skin had glitter. I felt so sparkle and refresh.  I truly recommend this shop.

If you want to orde one go to her fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/CutieHenshin?fref=ts