Monday, July 4, 2016

Kamikaze Girls Film

I was very excited to go to a Lolita event for a long time ago. 

The dress it's from BTSSB and also is the bunny purse. I felt very gothic with this outfit. 
I was so happy that btssb was the sponsor for the event. I didn't got anything cause' I felt I didn't need it. I was so tempt it. But, I felt I just want it to see the movie. And enjoy myself with my babe Reba.

It was nice to hang out with her. I feel we don't go out enough. Living far makes things difficult. But, I'm happy we got out and have fun.

Inside the theater they had the shop. And a lot of local lolitas came to this event it was really nice to see and talk to old friends. I felt at home again. ;-;

When the movie start it. I was like omg! This brings so much memories. My brother just to be a big fan of the main character of the movie. He bought the movie for us to watch it. He told me you will like it cause' they have cute things. I was like okay... 

Throughout the movie my eyes felt watery I was like constantly thinking about my brother a lot. I was like wtf?? Not now, I don't want to get emotional. When the movie ended it. I was so emotional. I kept telling my friends that my brother bought this movie and that was the first time I saw Lolita fashion. I felt in love with fashion that I want it to be the main character of the movie. That event was a good healing process. I haven't grieved for a long time ever since my brother pass away.

I think it was a good healing moment. And I will never forget it.

I took pictures of cute lolitas. :)

I felt me and keysha were twinning a little. I really love her sense of fashion. And it's always a pleasure to talk to her and take pictures with. 

Overall I had a good time. I congratulate  perks and Marie for doing this. They were amazing. 

I felt this event was very special. It was a good healing process for me. And I hope to go to more events in the future. 

;) bye and see ya!!